For a Life of Abundance and Wealth

Living the Golden Rule: The Curious Ritual of Giving and Receiving with Love to Manifest Abundance

Abundance flourishes in the rich soil of generosity. When you selflessly contribute to the well-being of others, the universe reciprocates in unexpected ways.

This giving and receiving with love is the sixth of my 7 Curious Rituals for a Life of Abundance and Wealth.

Yes, I firmly believe you direct a rich abundance of wealth and blessings into your own life when you generously share and help others… that’s the magic this Curious Ritual delivers.

So be generous with your bounty, and give freely of yourself in service. I’ve discovered for myself that when you do so, the blessing of abundance comes right back at you. And it does so to a degree greatly exceeding what you gave in exchange for the return you receive.

Want a practical example? How about George Bailey in the classic film “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Sure, it’s just a story. But I believe the writer of the story was inspired and deeply understood the magnificence of living this ritual.

A Great Skill Helps You Stay on the Abundance Pathway

What else? This ritual has within it a hidden superpower. When you master it, it becomes a ninja-like skill for you in manifesting abundance. It plays with irony on the reality of this fact:

Giving service to others is seldom convenient for the giver and frequently received without gratitude.

Your empowerment comes when you understand that this is just how it works! It’s a built-in part of the deal. You’re setting the correct expectation for yourself when you internalize and accept that simple reality.  And you’re able to continue on practicing the giving part of this ritual because you know with certainty, just as surely as night follows day, that your reward will come (Curious Ritual #1). And you have the patience to endure any delay in receiving it (Curious Ritual #4). You eliminate any chance for crippling disappointment. And you will never experience the negative, self-destructive feeling or thinking that you’ve been cheated or put upon unfairly by life.

What’s happening here? Is it selfish tendencies dissolving? Maybe to some extent. But not completely, because we certainly want love and abundance for ourselves after all, which I say is healthy and normal. It’s really winning for both sides, isn’t it? They win when you give and you win when they (or the vast universe in some form) give back.

So then, is this ritual about “giving back”? Nope. I don’t believe that’s how it works, although I think when people use that phrase, they’re really taking about expressing gratitude (Curious Ritual #5). The principle behind this particular ritual is “giving in advance”. As Napoleon Hill put it almost a century ago, you have to put wood in the furnace first before you can ask it for heat. I’m talking about giving in advance to your community and the world, and doing it in a way in which you’d like it to come back at you. Remember, it’s not just a boomerang effect you’re initiating with this ritual, because when done correctly it come back at you in a larger proportion compared with what you gave!

Your Network is Your Net Worth?

Let me shift gears for a moment and talk about networking. Is it just for people who work in sales or consulting? No, not at all. Throughout my life I’ve heard people talk about reaching out to your “network” for things like finding a new job, a home, legal help, financial assistance, etc.

This Curious Ritual of giving and receiving with love is the mechanism that builds genuine relationships. By living it and embracing its principles, you cultivate meaningful connections that enrich your life and propel you towards prosperity. The connections you foster are the currency of abundance. Over time, this interconnected network of relationships multiplies and becomes a glorious fountain that springs love, wealth and abundance.

The best built networks of relationships center on mutual benefit for all participants. We build and expand our network by recognizing and acknowledging the unique skills and talents of others complementary to our own. This works when our approach is rooted in humility and a realistic understanding of our own abilities and our own limitations.

Being an Open and Humble Receiver

I want to mention an essential truth regarding the operation of this ritual, and that is you have to be open to receiving with love from others. And that includes being humble enough to let someone else help you or teach you before casting any judgment, bias or prejudice.

Let me explain…

Do you know a person who thinks he needs to depend on no one else in life but himself? He believes he’s best off doing everything himself and figuring everything out on his own. This prideful narcissist, insulted by even the mere suggestion of help or assistance from others, is locked in a delusional world of his own vast genius and grandiose self-importance. He lives in a world of self-imposed limitations, vulnerable to a constant threat of meeting his embarrassing demise. Why? Because there is always someone out there smarter or more clever than he in some way or at some thing. Maybe he never sees it. He certainly never expects it, because he maintains an emotional fortress he foolishly believes will always hide his shortcomings. That’s pretty heartbreaking in itself, but the real tragedy here lies in the fact that in this case he puts a hard limit on the rich potential of life and will never claim the full measure of wealth and abundance that’s universally waiting and available for him.

How do I know all this? Because that narcissist I just described was me. I still have a ways to go but now I have awareness and can continue to work on it. Does that narcissist sound like you as well? Then stop! Don’t be that person. Make the decision right now to change, and it will begin opening up a world of abundance you can’t even imagine.

Giving and receiving with love is living the Golden Rule in its essence, and it’s a key principle in manifesting abundance.

Peace out,