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Welcome to 7 Curious Rituals

I’m here to offer you my help and guidance on your transformative journey toward a rich and balanced life filled with wealth, fulfilment and joy.

As someone who once stood on the skeptic’s edge, I’ve not only embraced but enthusiastically live the treasured principles of abundance and wealth manifestation I’ve discovered. I cover them in great practical detail for you in the upcoming second edition of my book, 7 Curious Rituals for a Life of Abundance and Wealth.

Continue reading this page as I share with you a brief overview of the seven empowering rituals I believe will reshape your reality and lead you to a life beyond your wildest dreams as it has mine.


CURIOUS RITUAL #1: Live with a Purpose

Live with a Purpose – Set Clear Goals – Stay Persistent and Resilient – Embrace Change

Living with a purpose is the keystone of a rich and fulfilling life.

I believe finding and defining your purpose in life empowers you in a profound way that simply making a statement of your life’s “mission” never could.

How is it done? Here’s an outline of three basic steps I use to live this ritual and put it into practice…

First, you identify and define your purpose. Second, you create a vision for your life based on that purpose and set clear goals that align with it. And finally, it all culminates with step number three, which is actually more of a stage, and it’s where the power of this ritual goes to work… you navigate the twists, turns and inevitable setbacks in life with persistence and resilience.

I reveal my strategy for each of these 3 steps or stages for living with a purpose in depth in my book. However, I will share with you right here the secret ingredient that makes execution of this first Curious Ritual a habit that sticks with you for the long haul.

Simply put, that secret is learning to embrace change as a golden opportunity for growth.

When you master this empowering shift in mindset for the first time, prepare to be amazed as you watch how living with a purpose transforms your abundance journey.

CURIOUS RITUAL #2: Visualize Success

Visualize Your Success

It’s no secret that many star athletes, accomplished performers, business innovators, and other great achievers understand and leverage the uncanny “mind over matter” principle of visualization.

I’m a firm believer that when done correctly, you can harness the power of visualization to manifest your dreams into reality.  The practice involves envisioning your success in vivid detail, creating a mental blueprint that propels you toward your goals.

Visualization can be the bridge between your dreams and the tangible, bringing your aspirations to life. I cover the conventional methods as well as tricks I’ve learned to kick the power of this Curious Ritual into high gear inside my book.

CURIOUS RITUAL #3: Bathe in Positivity

Embrace a Positive Mindset – Surround Yourself with Positivity

When you embrace positivity and surround yourself with it, you cultivate a mindset that can’t help but attract abundance to you.

Your thoughts shape your reality, so why not let your thoughts be golden rays of sunshine in your life?

Your environment matters when it comes to living this Curious Ritual. So, you may need to make a few changes in your life that could require a little effort and maybe even some discomfort on your part at first to achieve positive surroundings for yourself.

But I promise you that the rewards that come by living this Curious Ritual, by decisively staying positive and surrounding yourself with people and influences that uplift, inspire, and propel you towards abundance are well worth the effort.

CURIOUS RITUAL #4: Believe and Exercise Faith

Trust the Timing – Overcome Limiting Beliefs – Be Patient and Persistent

The empowering virtue this fourth Curious Ritual builds in you is patience.

Patience is a virtue is certainly more than just a cliché. When mastered, patience actually becomes one of your superpowers. And you build the muscle of this superpower by living this Curious Ritual.

Here’s how it works…

Believe and trust that the universe is on your side and aligned with your life’s purpose you’ve defined and the plans you have for it. And it certainly will be when your purpose is discovered and your plans are made through an alignment with a moral compass founded on universal truth and correct immutable principles.

This belief and trust when fully nurtured, can then deliver for you the patience required should the timing of your success play out differently from what you first expected.

Like brave Christopher Columbus setting out into uncharted waters to discover a new world, you need to first exercise faith in your newfound beliefs by taking deliberate action toward your big goal of achieving your dreams before you can taste the fruits of the reward.

Challenge old beliefs that hold you back, those of scarcity, the ones that might be shouting loudly to your mind that the world is out to get you. Replace them with these new ones that are accurate and true, that the vast universe of abundance is on your side waiting for you to unleash your built-in but dormant capabilities. Please remember, you are capable of achieving more than you might think. Exercise faith in your divinely-afforded untapped abilities by searching them out and choosing to put them to work for yourself.

Here’s another trite but relevant cliché to remember and keep in mind… Rome wasn’t built in a day. So, as you take correct action by exercising faith in your God-given abilities and the belief that the powers of the universe are on your side, stay patient and stay persistent. Then, in due time you will enjoy the satisfaction of watching your efforts compound as they work to manifest your life of abundance.

CURIOUS RITUAL #5: Practice Gratitude

Practice Gratitude – Celebrate Small Wins

Gratitude is the metaphorical key that unlocks abundance.

The ritual of acknowledging all the blessings in your life, big and small, can work like magic to cure a negative mindset, lift us out of a slump, and fortify our innate ability to deal with life’s setbacks whether small disappointments or overwhelming catastrophes.

And while you’re at it, be sure to count every one of you victories along the way, no matter how small or incremental.

Every step counts.

So, celebrate your victories, no matter how minor. The more you celebrate, the more abundance you attract.

This ritual of recognizing and counting all your blessings and accomplishments, and then acknowledging them with expressions of gratitude, can be like a jet fuel that keeps you on your track to limitless abundance no matter what life throws at you.

CURIOUS RITUAL #6: Give and Receive with Love

Live the Golden Rule – Build a Network of Relationships

Generosity begets abundance. Serve with love in your heart and share your substance for the well-being of others, and the universe will reciprocate by rewarding you in unexpected ways.

Practicing and reaping the rewards of this Curious Ritual has two stages…

The first stage involves consciously living the Golden Rule of doing for others as you would have them do for you.

The second stage is simply an expansion of the first… it’s where the many genuine relationships you wind up building and cultivating become an interconnected network that propels you towards prosperity. When executed properly to its maturity, a remarkable thing happens… this network of individuals nourishes, enriches, and fortifies true abundance not only for you but for everyone connected within the network that understands and lives this ritual.

Want to learn right now how to put the power of this important Curious Ritual to work for yourself?

I republished a popular article of mine that I wrote a while back… I put it right here on this website for you.

Take a minute to give it a read.

It reveals exactly how and why giving and receiving with love works to manifest abundance.


Take Inspired Action – Manage Your Finances Wisely – Expand Your Knowledge – Take Care of Your Well-being

Staying busy with purposeful action is the rocket fuel of abundance and wealth manifestation.

Staying busy means taking inspired, deliberate steps towards your goals. Dreams are important, but we need those dreams to come true or what’s the point? Taking these intentional steps is the fundamental action that transforms your dreams into reality.

Staying busy also means managing your finances wisely. Good financial health is a cornerstone of abundance. The old saying that a fool and his money are soon parted is absolutely correct. Don’t be a fool! Take time and make the effort to at least learn the basics of how to manage your financial resources wisely.

Which brings us to the next pillar of this Curious Ritual… staying busy means never ceasing to expand your knowledge. Never stop being a student that seeks truth and knowledge, and you will never stop discovering hidden treasures and new sources of wealth and abundance.

What else?

Staying busy ultimately means taking care of yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This self-care is not only crucial for the manifestation of abundance but also for enjoying it when you receive it! So make taking good care of yourself in every way a priority.


Ready to Infuse Your Life with Abundance and Wealth?

Wherever you are along the path… whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been searching and studying for some time now, I’m here to help.

Your quest to manifest a rich and abundant life for yourself should result in a life transformation of epic proportions! And with the right strategy and tactics, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t. These 7 Curious Rituals might just be the answer for you as they’ve been for me.

I dive deep into these rituals inside my book, 7 Curious Rituals for a Life of Abundance and Wealth. My newly updated second edition will be hitting Amazon and the bookstore shelves very soon!